Brian Ghannam


Brian Ghannam is an Applications Sales Manager with Oracle, one of the top purveyors of cloud-engineering and database management systems worldwide. Brian has spent over two decades in leadership roles within the world of tech sales and business development. One of the many ways in which Brian stands out from his competitors is the ease at which he performs in various settings. He is similarly at ease helping start-ups gain a foothold as he is with launching products for the world’s most reputable technology companies. Throughout his career, Brian has helped businesses thrive from the ground up and guided C-level executives through product launches and marketing strategies. His diverse skill set encompasses a wide range of technical areas, including SaaS, ERP, inventory management, business analytics, human resource management, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and financial reporting.

Brian Ghannam received his Bachelor of Science degree in Packaging Engineering from Michigan State University, located in East Lansing, Michigan. While at school, Brian played for the Michigan State Golf Team. His love of golf has stayed with him ever since. 

Brian’s first job after graduation was with Berlin Packaging. Brian exceeded his sales quotas as a sales representative for the Chicago and Atlanta teams. Following this position, Brian became the National Account Manager of Enterprise Solutions for MASTECH Digital, a staff enhancement firm. While employed, Brian Ghannam consistently proved his sales acumen by exceeding sales quotas yet again.

As an Account Executive for J.D. Edwards, Brian spent several years learning the ins and outs of ERP and SAP solutions and how they consolidate all aspects of a business. Brian closed over $500K in professional services and exceeded sales goals by 50%. During this time, Brian Ghannam also oversaw the launch of J.D. Edwards in the Southeast Region.

As an experienced SAP ERP reseller, Brian Ghannam worked for Plaut Sigma Solutions, where he closed millions of dollars in sales and continuously surpassed sales targets. Brian also perfected his ability to tailor-fit software for new clients in this role, working closely with C-Suite executives from discovery to launch.

When he’s not working, Brian Ghannam spends time in his community, doing his part for causes close to his heart. As a proud member of the Rotary Club, Brian joins over a million other professionals and problem solvers who work towards achieving sustainable change together. Frequently volunteering his time, money, and resources to his local chapter in Sandy Springs, Brian has served as the Treasurer, works on scholarship committees, and contributes frequently to the First Responder Fund.

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